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Q: What body type do I have ?

C : Please see the body type section

Q: I have sporty shoulders or broad shoulders, which line would suit me best?

C : Favor wider straps than spaghetti straps. If you opt for a strapless dress, don't forget to adorn your neck with a necklace or neck jewelry . A boat strap dress (dropped straps) would be perfect if you want to soften your shoulders and bring out your femininity.

Q: I have large breasts , can I wear a strapless dress? :

C : It is obvious that the chest has weight. It is therefore important to ensure that it is securely in place in your dress to avoid inconvenience during your day. For this, strappy dresses provide good support. However, don't panic! If your favorite is a strapless dress, it is better to opt for a dress with a lace up back rather than a simple button or zipper. This helps to better support the chest in the dress and will hold them in the correct position. In addition, our dresses are made in corset. So, get started!

Q: I find that my size is not defined ( I don't have a size ) (morphology H).

C: No worries! We have the dress you need. Favor A-line dresses . This dress line is the all-purpose dress that suits all women and all shapes. Moreover, this line slims and refines the waist. In addition, opt for dresses with lace in the back because it helps to better define the waist and lengthen the silhouette.

Q: I have pronounced hips what do you suggest? :

C: Some women want to enhance their hip curves and others don't. Trumpet or mermaid line dresses would be the best choices for those who want to show them off. For those looking to not reveal them, A-line type dresses would be ideal as it emphasizes the waist thus projecting a defined and slimmed look.

Q: I have a belly that I want to hide ( pronounced abdomen ).

C: If you have a pronounced stomach and are looking to hide it, the A-line dress is ideal. We repeat, this dress promotes a slimmed-down look and camouflages the stomach. In addition, avoid tulle dresses that have small pleats (tutu style) at the waist because these emphasize the waist and give fullness to the waist.

Q: I don't like my arms and I want them hidden.

C: Many women try to hide their arms with sleeves. However, we believe that when the focus is on the arms we risk missing seeing all the beauty that the dress offers. Very often, when the dress fits us like a glove, the focus on the arms disappears. However, if you would like to have your arms free or simply cover them, several options are available to you: the dress with boat straps (dropping straps) or wear a bolero or a cape. For those looking to cover the tattoos, avoid trying to hide it with a sleeve and instead look to put foundation over the tattoos.

  1. Do you think you are small? Please don't opt ​​for a three-quarter length dress as they will make you look even smaller. Instead, opt for a short dress above the knees or a long dress. Contrary to popular belief, the long dress will make you look taller.

  2. Do you think you are too thin? Instead, opt for a princess line or A-line dress. However, you can always choose a mermaid or trumpet dress, however, it would be better if your train is voluminous as it gives a balancing effect to the look and takes away the focus on the aspect you want to hide.

Q: How do I lace a corset dress?

C: Several examples are available to you on YouTube. We encourage you to consult this platform.