Measurement guide

Measurement guide

Our measurement guide is an excellent tool to better guide you in your choice of sizes and which line of dresses would suit you best.

Find your figure

Wedding dress silhouette type

Woman X: The morphology of woman X: this morphology is considered the most harmonious. She has a slim and well-defined waist. His shoulders are in line with his hips. The X silhouette is rather thin or even skinny. Women who have this body shape are very envied.

Woman 8: The morphology of woman 8: the woman in 8 is well proportioned and very feminine. This type of body shape is characterized by shoulders that are in line with the hips, and a well-defined waist. This silhouette has pretty balanced shapes. She is busty.

Woman A: The morphology of Woman A: this is the most common body type among women. She is distinguished by narrow shoulders and wide hips. In general, women who have this body shape are petite from above and rather round from below (hips, thighs and buttocks).

Woman V: The morphology of woman V: this type of silhouette is often characteristic of the sporty and muscular woman. It is defined by shoulders wider than the hips. The pool is narrow. V-shaped women have long, slender legs that must, at all costs, be highlighted.

Woman H: The morphology of woman H: the H silhouette is well proportioned. Her well-structured shoulders are in line with her hips. Its size is very little marked. Its chest is often small. This type of silhouette is very easy to dress.

Woman O: The morphology of woman O: this silhouette is well balanced and busty. It is characterized by rounded shoulders and hips, of the same width. Curves can be located at the waist, stomach, thighs, hips and arms. The size is not very marked.


How to measure yourself?

Woman measurement


Raise your arms, then put the measuring tape around your chest and lower your arms. Ask someone to read the measurement on it.


The hollow part between the lower bust and the hip.

Hips (pelvis)

Put the measuring tape on the butt and go around.